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Recent content by cwgiii

  1. cwgiii

    Open KP Quest

    I would open a ticket with support
  2. cwgiii

    New server

  3. cwgiii

    Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    I totally concur with tesla333.
  4. cwgiii

    Answered knowledge points

    elvengems.com is another great resource
  5. cwgiii

    Closed | Contact Support Research menu blank on Laptop

    I would open a ticket with support. Of course, in the meantime (if you have not already tried it), reboot, clear cache, etc.
  6. cwgiii

    Closed | Archived Neighbourly Help change in PC/Laptop

    Unfortunately, this feature is one that Inno is "rolling out" to individuals at a time. All we can do is wait for this to reach everyone.
  7. cwgiii

    Black Friday Offer

    I have heard of a nifty App called "Camel, Camel, Camel" that shows the history of price for a particular product. Can be helpful for such instances. I am sure there are more apps that do the same (or similar). Still, there will always be merchandisers with skewed scruples.
  8. cwgiii

    Black Friday Offer

    Unfortunately, this is common practice in the states. Come up with a price. Double it. Double it again. Then post it at 50% off. Ramp it up and down all year. If anything sells, it is at a spectacular profit. Soon to follow: "Going out of Business" sale (for the next 4 years). Change...
  9. cwgiii

    Black Friday Offer

    And yet, there will surely be folks that click the bait,
  10. cwgiii

    Sentient goods

    The best solution that I have seen is to place your own trades up constantly. You can price them as you see fit (either even trades or slightly to the 3 star level). Patience is a repeating lesson learned in game. The trade will probably be taken within 24 hours (especially if they are of the...
  11. cwgiii

    Let us choose which world gets the gift ... (Black Friday)

    As Vetrinus mentioned, this has happened in the past, unfortunately. Lesson learned: it is good to get in the habit of ALWAYS log in to a primary account first, to prevent this from happening. It happens so rarely, that it seems silly to create this habit, but it can prevent an unhappy surprise.
  12. cwgiii

    Universal Evolving Artifact

    I agree. IF, Inno does decide to add artifacts back into the crafting mix. I would hope that they would include code to detect players that have the evolving buildings (and would be interested in artifacts), vs. those players that do not (and would not be interested in such artifacts). That...
  13. cwgiii

    Elvenar Storylines

    As far as I know. 'Tis a shame.
  14. cwgiii

    Answered Expansions limit reached

    Which expansions are you speaking of? There is a limit to the expansions allowed to be obtained via scouting (at one time the max number of provinces that count toward expansions was 457). And there is a limit of expansions available for purchase, for that matter, because there is a hard limit...
  15. cwgiii

    Elvenar Storylines

    I asked for this info in the past. But, unfortunately, never got a reply.