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Recent content by chinto

  1. chinto

    Universal Evolving Artifact

    Was wondering if it possible to use diamonds to upgrade and evolve them!
  2. chinto

    Discussion Summer Mermaids

    A new offer to get extra corals. Last event, I purchased 1200 sun flare plus I got to get some cozy farms to increase my pop and culture - honestly I loved them-. But, I got 1 only. When I asked the support, it was really disappointed. £74.99 for one cozy farm I don't need diamonds because I...
  3. chinto

    Update Discussion Version 1.83

    what happened? it doesn't load more than that. stuck at 18, so my city can't be opened.
  4. chinto

    Update Discussion Version 1.81

    Could you please explain these? I really like upgrading which makes the game more useful and easier, but sometimes it's became complicated and a little bit difficult to laod
  5. chinto

    Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    Maybe its shape is okay, but not the colour. Even the builder hut is changed. I thought the green rewards would be fantastic with the constructs' buildings, next chapter. But, now I'll use that money to start a new long journey may quit this game soon.
  6. chinto

    Discussion The Phoenix Cult

    Thank you so much everyone! As I said before events make the game exciting, even I don't use the rewards for 2 reasons. One of them, I need more spaces to upgrade my buildings and have more culture especially those which produce mana and seeds. By the way, we have a big problem with sentient...
  7. chinto

    Discussion The Phoenix Cult

    Did you mean no eggs this year? :(
  8. chinto

    Discussion The Phoenix Cult

    Hey there! I was wondering about the Easter Event when it starts this year? And, what about its set buildings? I like the last year rewards :) The reason is that, I've started a new chapter and upgraded buildings. I can leave a space for them. I missed the elven float , which is much efficient...
  9. chinto

    Discussion Carnival

  10. chinto

    Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    Is there any way to use COMBINING CATALYST without having a magic academy? I don't want the valentine's prize which is beautiful and efficient, even though I loved to have it. I might delete my account completely when I have to build the academy. Sorry, painful memory, please take this into...
  11. chinto

    Discussion The Harvest Festival

    Nothing else !!!!!?
  12. chinto

    Discussion The Harvest Festival

    ohh, you may be right, paying money entitles NOTHING. But, sorry, I am sure I am a lucky person. When I save some money, I am lucky. When I don't waste time to do the quests, I am lucky. When I found a reason to stop playing this game, I am lucky. When go out of this small feak city to the open...
  13. chinto

    Discussion The Harvest Festival

    My fellows and neighbours have got better than I have. Really, I feel very sad :(
  14. chinto

    Discussion The Harvest Festival

    I design my city to include all _ _ _ elemental buildings where I have to build another boosting manufactories plus what I already have. At that time, I have to build all the manufactories, I think, because no one to trade with - my fellows and neighbours are moving slowly -. That means I have...