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Recent content by Bobthehealer

  1. Signal to show when Spire is OPEN (similar to Crafting, when done)

    Thank you Elvenar for putting a timer on Spire to show when it's ready. Could you please put a signal on Spire shortcut (next to Crafting) to show when Spire is OPEN ?
  2. Listing of 1-star or 0-star trades should be limited to a certain number

    Multiple listing of 1-star or 0-star trades are 1. unfair for players who has just coming to a new chapter 2. predatory to pound on people making mistake, when the mistake is huge with unfair exchange 3. creating a false shortage by hoarding certain goods. In war-time, hoarding is a crime...
  3. TROOPS TRADE please

    Can we please have the option to trade troops between fighters?
  4. Question Can't bring teleported factory back into game

    My magic dust factory is greyed out in the inventory after I teleport it there. However, I can't summon it back to the game. Why?
  5. Looking for a FS specialized in Spire of Eternity Multi-player

    no longer play Event no longer play FA no longer play Tournament They are for factory Slaves If you need a Fighter just and only for Spire of Eternity Multi-player, message me in game.
  6. Fellowship Avengers please

    May I have a request please? Instead of earning badges with factories/workshops for Fellowship Adventure, can we have a FA for fighters, where badges can be earned by fight battles? That would be Fellowship Avengers. To make it more interesting, each Fellowship can assign a Captain Avenger for...
  7. Fellowships

    P.S A new thread is started for new ideas, new connections and new people. Your feedback is always valuable though. However, I start a new thread to run away from stalkers from old threads. (does it answer your question?)
  8. Fellowships

    Thank you so much to those who responded to my 2nd post "The best FS" A special thank you to Hekata and Timneh for demonstrating what IDIONSYNCRASY is like, with their responses. Despite many Mages and Archmages advertize their FS such as "easy-going, no push account, laid back", they all...
  9. Fellowships

    Firstly of all, thank you to those who have read (and replied to) my first post "10 Traits of top 10 FS" Quite a few viewers have mistaken that the top FS also gotta be the BEST FS. Shall I make it clear "the BEST FS is not necessary the TOP FS" and "the TOP FS is not always the BEST FS" for...
  10. Fellowships

    Mathematically, minimum means the lowest point. Median means the totally average of all fellows in a FS. 250K median does not mean everyone in that FS has 250K. They may have fellows of more than 250K, and thus compensate for fellows of 100K.
  11. Fellowships

    Mages and Arch-mages, if you can tick 10 out of 10 from this list, your FS is well on the way to the top 10. RECRUITMENT: 1. Full-house full-time (25/25) more hands make work lighter, some FS even replace less active with more active players. 2. 250K plus median user score:: 250K is the median...
  12. Trade Troops (Units)

    Would be fun to trade troops, as well as goods.
  13. more relevant rewards

    even I am into chapter 12, the reward from one of the quest task still gives rewards from chapter 11, eg. magic fertilizer
  14. Fighting spells for other units

    yes, please. 5-day spells worth more than 1-day pet food.
  15. trades within FS and outside FS

    Can we please have the option to place trades privately for FS and publicly outside FS for neighbors