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Recent content by BlueBlou

  1. BlueBlou

    Changes to Spire Rewards - BETA

    One must also read very carefully about what exactly is going to be removed from the cycle. Usually it is just the two times new for one time old.
  2. BlueBlou

    The Misty Forest event

    I think you are missing the point, @Sir Derf , the alternative is not doable. Inno has sometimes listened to requests about undoable quests. This is something that should be put on that list. Both parts of that quest combination in my opinion. 1. Not everybody has blue, green or yellow...
  3. BlueBlou

    The Misty Forest event

    The using of pet food is not a good choice for a quest. The using of 2x pet food is a doubly bad choice. Pet food are scarce! And I do have cities where it is impossible to fight and win in Encounters.
  4. BlueBlou

    Badly behaved players

    They can still mail you, although you can’t see what they wrote. Still upsetting in my opinion as you know they still wrote to you. Would be better if you never see their mail again in the mail system.
  5. BlueBlou

    Improved Sell Feature for the App

    Very confusing I would say. If today was the 1st of April, I would say they are having a joke on us ..
  6. BlueBlou

    Question Sentient Goods v Standard Goods

    Seeing as we can teleport buildings now, you can play around with how many of what you have in your town and how many you need to be able to do what you need to do. If you look at the production numbers, you will see what is not worth producing. Takes a bit of time to get used to not to tap on...
  7. BlueBlou


    Strange, mine never does that. I wonder if it is different for different devices.
  8. BlueBlou

    New FA - top results on the EN worlds

    FA - Oct 2021 Hall of fame: Top 25
  9. BlueBlou

    Improved Sell Feature for the App

    No, it was different previously. Also had to rebuild far too many upgraded roads now to my liking. Costly! Even though I know I might delete by accident, it still happens that I am in sell mode when I want to move a piece of road. I can also not see if I get any refunds if I do sell a piece...
  10. BlueBlou

    Improved Sell Feature for the App

    I think I prefer the old way. I play both app and browzer and I liked the app old version better. I am right handed, like most people, so the sell button should be on the left and not the right. I want to move buildings around more than I want to sell it, so therefor the move function should...
  11. BlueBlou

    1KP invaders

    I believe they play a game I call kp hunting, perhaps more like kp fishing for higher returns than they put in. This in turn usually leads to a second game of trying to get the 1 kp donators off the list of actually getting any rewards. You are far too nice to even consider returning 1 kp...
  12. BlueBlou

    Spire of Eternity difficulty changes

    Yes, there is a change in the star rating of opponents you see when you hit certain chapters. Just ask Laurelin what she experienced when she got to chapter 8. So although the formulas don’t change, I do believe players when they say they hit a more difficult time. This should become...
  13. BlueBlou

    Improved Sell Feature for the App

    Ok guys, was there suppose to be sound with the video as I could hear nothing and could not really determine what is happening except for some road pieces disappearing? Lol, this lead me to have a closer look at the residences in what seems to be a beginner city, but the residences are from a...
  14. BlueBlou

    Martial Monastery

    What to do with your kp? One option is to just let it pile up, or you can give it away to others that actually want it.