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Recent content by BlazeOfOz

  1. Answered Do bonuses from Pet Food for Fire Phoenix apply in Tournament Encounters?

    Hey all fellow Elves and Humans, I have a Fire Phoenix event building, and got a few Pet Food Instants in my inventory. Feeding the Phoenix is adding 20% unit damage / attack value which is visible and applies to encounters on the World Map. Does it actually add the same advantage in...
  2. Join our Fun Active Fellowship - Elves Of Rivendell

    Hey there, Thanks everyone who has joined our Fellowship - Elves Of Rivendell We have grown nicely and are having a great time. Join us if you like, as there are a few spots still available. Our bunch of elves are from all over the world. New players welcome. BlazeOfOz
  3. Join our Fun Active Fellowship - Elves Of Rivendell

    Hey there, I'm enjoying playing this game, and I hope you do too. Still looking to join a fun and supportive Fellowship? Message me, BlazeOfOz or Basmati in game, or simply join our Fellowship - Look for Elves Of Rivendell We hope to hear from you soon. Have fun BlazeOfOz
  4. Returner seeking active FS

    The Elves Of Rivendell would welcome you :) We are starting up a relaxed, fun fellowship where we all help each other. Check us out.
  5. Join our Fun Active Fellowship - Elves Of Rivendell

    New members wanted :) We are a newly founded fellowship with active players looking to grow our cities together. Basmati and I would love to have your company. Message me in the game or simply look for Elves Of Rivendell and join the fun. Enjoy! BlazeOfOz