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Recent content by AutumnWolf

  1. AutumnWolf

    Version 1.160

    After the update, the Reset button in the Trader does not seem to work as intended. It resets only the placed offer, but not the chosen goods. The chosen goods have to be manually un-selected!
  2. AutumnWolf

    Constellations & Celebrations

    Wow! I love constellations. When I see a constellation, I get a sense of connection to all the ancient civilizations which saw them. And the that they told each other.
  3. AutumnWolf

    Version 1.159

    Thank you @MinervaOz. That clarifies my nagging feeling that something was not right. I am just a visual person, so when the positions remain the same, it confuses me :(.
  4. AutumnWolf

    Version 1.159

    Since the update, the positioning of our troops in the 2- and 3-wave battles in the Spire appears to be random! Before the update, the positioning consistently flipped. In the 2nd wave, positions changed like: 1->5, 2->4, 3->3, 4->2, and 5->1. If there was a 3rd wave, the position remained as...
  5. AutumnWolf

    Autumn Zodiac 2022 Event

    End of Chapter IX. I understand that things can be different between beta and live worlds. Just wanted to help by updating some info.
  6. AutumnWolf

    Autumn Zodiac 2022 Event

    @Jackluyt, Quest #53 is a bit different for me. Instead of Collect 8 relics:
  7. AutumnWolf

    Enchantable List of currently NHed Buildings

    That is a desirable feature to have indeed. Meanwhile, this is how I manage: the morning I want to use my EEs, I just check the notifications and choose the recent 6 (I am usually at 170% culture boost) buildings which have received NH. Spam those to make it to 200%. Then use 4 PoPs on my 4...
  8. AutumnWolf

    The Buried City

    Wow! Haven't seen that official video. Thank you for the cute little story. This is case solved. Thank you @Lelanya, happy weekend :)
  9. AutumnWolf

    The Buried City

    I am still seeing this event's images when my city loads and when switching to the world map. Almost like the default background images. But, when there is another event (like the recent, Gateway to the Past), the corresponding images are shown. Is this normal? I have cleared the cache, and this...
  10. AutumnWolf

    Elvenar Wordsearch - Terry found a friend.

    I liked the word search too. I did come up with an anagram, not sure if it is the anagram. May I suggest that when the winners are announced, may be they could also reveal all the anagrams. I am sure it would bring out loads of laughter. :D
  11. AutumnWolf

    Autumn Zodiac 2022 in Beta

    Thank you @DreamCatcher. Looks like the event prizes caters to catering and negotiating cities.
  12. AutumnWolf

    Autumn Zodiac 2022 in Beta

    Beta discussions: a 3x3 Bear, Witty Raccoon giving T2 goods and 4 KP. Feeding effect is a bit unclear.
  13. AutumnWolf

    A Gateway into the Past

    Hopefully, in the not too distant future, there could be a Tome of Crispy Fried Dwarven Chips.
  14. AutumnWolf

    'A Gateway into the Past' new-format starts in Beta on July 7th

    Thank you @Jackluyt, this is quite a challenging game-mechanic.