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Recent content by AstralSoul

  1. AstralSoul

    New Elvarian Games questline event in Beta June 2021

    Glad to see another "Brownie-Trio" owner :D Three Brown Bears is the sweetest spot!
  2. AstralSoul

    'Sorcerers' Knowledge' questline event - now in Beta

    Very nice building, although it will not fit my city (no Knowledge Points), so skipping it will be relieving space wise since its huge. The rewards always are awesome though!
  3. AstralSoul

    Show Us Your Cities!!

    Oh yeah, I supply scrolls to all my Neighborhood (boosted silk). Wise Scroll Inc. Moonstone Grounds, 11111 Akasha, Elvenar (Winyandor) In case of taxes, HQs above. For aesthetics (not that I need it), I will add the Ancient Wonder Spire Library to the top left, next to all the Moonstone...
  4. AstralSoul

    Show Us Your Cities!!

    An update since an uglier FA version. Chapter XVI, Embassies. 6 out of 5 required Tea Gardens and same for Beer Festivals. Room for three Meditation Circles when I research it.
  5. AstralSoul

    New FA - top results on the EN worlds

    I copy that!!!! Pretty pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaseeeeeeeeeeee?
  6. AstralSoul

    Royal Restorations & Connected Buildings.

    I want to bring forward this idea, although many of you will not like it due to the nature of the cost of this. However, I am sure I am not the only player in this situation. The Moonstone Library is now much more valuable, and with everything, those of us who have been here before, are lucky...
  7. AstralSoul

    Show Us Your Cities!!

    High economy with top culture. Only one road tile touching my "Moonstone Grounds"
  8. AstralSoul

    Make Bear artifacts available in the Elvenar Shop.

    Actually, this happened already. Once you completed the Moon Bear to level 10, you got a flash sale for 9 bear artifacts and all three eggs for 99€. There were pet food (I think), moon artifacts, and one more thing. And if you got a second MoonBear to level 10, you got this sale again. And the...
  9. AstralSoul

    Moonstone Library Scrolls

    NO!!! Just.... no.... Leave the Moonstone set alone :D Its perfect as it is. No more sets, okay, fine, but the ones that exist should stay the same :P
  10. AstralSoul

    3-word game

    from Goddess Ashikurhshga
  11. AstralSoul

    3-word game

    the forbidden jewel
  12. AstralSoul

    Discussion The Mystery of the Misty Forest

    Who said that cats almost didn't show up? This new interface does have a ton of prices, and daily drops.
  13. AstralSoul

    Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    Ohhhhh, orcs too! Such an awesome building!
  14. AstralSoul

    Are all events once a year like holidays?

    Spire Set: You need no golems.