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Recent content by AsterObelix

  1. Version 1.143

    I'm wondering now if the CC's still count for the enchantment quests in the current event. Or if there will be a difference how they are treated before or after the update.
  2. Changes to Spire Rewards

    I accept Gargon's invitation. I'm playing elvenar since May 2021. I have won some phoenix and bear artifacts in the spire and with additional crafting have my Fire Phoenix now up to level 10 and brown bear to level 7. I have won 7 valentine and 7 gingerbread artifacts in the spire and when I get...
  3. Notifications - more pages please

    +1 Because if this was already requested 4/5 years ago, I also can't see a reason why any player would disagree (although I guess someone will prove me wrong on this soon ...) I wonder why Inno has never impemented this simple request. Can someone explain that ?
  4. Question Fighting tourneys/spire

    Both can be crafted in the MA during certain periods. I crafted both a few months ago. And artifacts for them can be crafted too. Phoenix artifacts are certainly available at the moment. Of bear artifacts I don't know if they are available now. Haven't seen them in recent weeks.
  5. Sip of Clarity

    I don't know if you are aware of this, but you can see in the crafting tab of the MA how many Sip of Clarities you have. If you have one of more of them you see the sip symbol instead of the diamonds for refreshing the recipes. And when you hoover over the "i" next to the diamonds/sip button, it...
  6. Changes to Spire Rewards - BETA

    I'm glad those artifacts appear in the MA. So I get the chance to evolve "old" evolving buildings.
  7. Discussion Upcoming New Features!

    "/who" in the chat box works better for me than recognizing the very small dots in the fellowship screen which show who is online. So please use a better method to show it in the fellowship screen.
  8. Optimal amount of expansions for a tournament and spire city

    Thank you for your reactions and suggestions. I intend to follow the suggestion of @Turing and stick with my current number of 70 expansions. And then see how far I can get. Of course this means that I have to make my city more efficient, but I was already aware of that when I started this thread.
  9. Optimal amount of expansions for a tournament and spire city

    Hello, Even if I'm just in the Orcs and Goblins chapter I'm wondering already how many expansions my optimal city should have. The goals of this city are : 1) 6000 to 8000 points in the tournament. 2) Reaching the top of the Spire with conceiving. 3) Playing every chapter. 4) Fair support in FA...
  10. Ancient Wonders Tome of Secrets Revamp!

    I have no opinion if your suggestion will improve Enars Embassy. Simply because I haven't played that chapter yet. But I like your suggestion for the Tome of Secrets. It would keep a high value for a longer period in the game (of course dependant on the way the developers implement it ...). At...
  11. Ancient Wonders Tome of Secrets Revamp!

    Just to clarify my earlier post. I think this is already a great wonder. One of the best in the early game. That it is less useful in the endgame, in my opinion doesn't make it necessary to improve it.
  12. Ancient Wonders Tome of Secrets Revamp!

    I'm starting with the orcs and goblins chapter now and I have the Tome of Secrets at level 11. And it really helps with my supplies. I only have 6 workshops at the moment and they are more than enough. So yes, the ToM is a space saver for me. And i don't care about tourney results, except for...
  13. Question Booster Spells

    Go to the building or activity (click on it) which you like to boost. There will be a button with a hourglass. In general also a button with diamonds, so be sure to select the right one. Click on the button with the hourglass and your available timeboosters will appear. Select the timeboosters...
  14. Market improvement

    I agree that quite a number of smaller players are reluctant to offer up trades themselves. Instead they are building quite often non-boosted factories, which isn't a good strategy at all. I also agree that smaller players should place their offers. When I was a small player (OK, I'm playing...
  15. olivers army is searching a new fellow.

    olivers army which has 24 fellows now is searching a new fellow to get to the ideal total of 25 fellows. The fellowship is relatively new, but is very active. We get 8 chests in the tournament, recently even 9 (although I admit that were nailbiters) and we want to achieve 10 in the near future...