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Recent content by Annah

  1. Annah

    Closed | Archived Chat - messages being repeated, commands not working

    same with us in Arrendyl.... noticed the 100 fixed messages on chat had finally gone ... only to be replaced by this :/
  2. Annah

    Closed | Archived Can't log in

    I mentioned what happened to me when I tried in my OP. it's not secure.
  3. Annah

    Closed | Archived Can't log in

    game is dead over US world too.... yep costing us all who had things timed for event... constant issues these days :/
  4. Annah

    Closed | Archived Can't log in

    same here and when I tried to go to support I got a warning telling me Inno has not configured their site correctly and will not connect due to safety of my online connection. What next? edit.... it is dead on puffin and the App too!
  5. Annah

    Closed | Contact Support login out error

    I'm on firefox.... my workaround is to x out firefox completely.... go to google and put in elvenar then click the game and it takes me to the sign in screen. Sign in again and I'm in. To do this each time is ridiculous but like I say it's a long drawn out workaround. No response to ticket :)
  6. Annah

    Closed | Contact Support login out error

    I have just submitted a ticket for this very thing :)
  7. Annah

    Closed | Archived Chatroom not working

    yep ... refresh used to fix it now nothing fixes it and game crashes with stream errors and updates so often I'm dizzy! members are just logging off now
  8. Annah

    Closed | Contact Support Browser crashing intermittently, but repeatedly...

    I am having continual stream errors now and crashing all morning so giving it up as a bad job! No chat for members... just a sorry mess basically!
  9. Annah

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures are here!

    seems it resumed for me but I have members in my fellowship saying they don't have it so I am doing nothing at all. Nobody knows what to think about this but when it resumed I had nothing that I'd earned in the false start. Therefore whilst members have no adventures at all I'm off to do my...
  10. Annah

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures are here!

    give us 2 days to get our prep done :P
  11. Annah

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures are here!

    wish I'd declined them instead of using all my prepared stuff! pffft!
  12. Annah

    Update Discussion Version 1.37

    logged in but chat codes aren't working.... i.e. /who etc gets no response. refreshed and chat stopped working altogether refreshed and chat came back with no codes refreshed a third time and it is working. Dare not refresh again for fear of what may happen..... seems it is very very shaky :/
  13. Annah

    Update Discussion Version 1.37

    I am back playing in Wyn but Arrendyll is locked up.... the dial sits at 23/24 on all my devices. I've cleared cache, flash cache, cookies et al and still it remains. Are others back into this world? *edit* it is now updating again lol... altho playing ok in Wynyandor.
  14. Annah

    EDITED Q & A SESSION! This is a must-watch!!

    Subtitled version please for the deaf? This auto subtitling is not able to be followed. Try it.... imagine no hearing.. :)
  15. Annah

    Closed | Archived Fellowship chat window not functioning

    refreshing fixes sometimes other times not. It is not at all dependable right now. up and down..... :/