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Recent content by Andrathaniel

  1. Andrathaniel


    I pretty well know that. But sometimes, it seems it's all too perfect. I keep looking for a flaw and I can't seem to find one.
  2. Andrathaniel


    The new battle system can get pretty confusing in my opinion. How do you get past such and such encounter? Sometimes at first glance, you look at your enemies strengths and it feels like you can't beat it. And then, you're tempted by the "negotiate" button. So I thought maybe we could share...
  3. Andrathaniel

    Neighbors Ghost Towns

    Move town option? Can you point me in the direction to a related post?
  4. Andrathaniel

    Trader Group trades/Allow faster trades

    [Summary]: Would be great if we could either group trades that look alike and make multiple small trades in less clicks. [Have you checked for similar ideas?]: I've checked posts under the Trader prefix and it wasn't conclusive. [Details]: First, I think everything would be more simple if...
  5. Andrathaniel

    Fellowship Forums

    Great idea! I fully agree.
  6. Andrathaniel

    Is Battle rewarding enough to you?

    There you go! Edited the poll for you.
  7. Andrathaniel

    Is Battle rewarding enough to you?

    I play with Elves right now and I had a thought about battle. What if they augmented the bonus we get from upgrading units? Would that be a kickstart at making combat better? For example, Sword Dancers gain a 20% attack bonus when we upgrade them to Sword Dancers II. What if they made that...
  8. Andrathaniel

    Is Battle rewarding enough to you?

    That's something we can agree on. I also find it a bit unbalanced. Takes days to build troops and half an hour to have them all killed. If I understand, you're basically calling for a complete reform of the battle system? Don't you think there could be a compromise between the tournament and...
  9. Andrathaniel

    Is Battle rewarding enough to you?

    So you think not only combat should be made more rewarding but that units should be made stronger?
  10. Andrathaniel

    City Buffed armories

    Sure is a good idea too. My idea is meant to adapted and changed and it's fulfilling it's purpose.
  11. Andrathaniel

    Is Battle rewarding enough to you?

    I noticed many people don't find battle rewarding enough. They don't even own any armories. Some even want to destroy their barracks and make some space for more culture buildings or workshops. Moreover, they rely exclusively on negotiating. While negotiating might be handy, it's expensive and...
  12. Andrathaniel

    City Buffed armories

    [Summary]: Allow armories to be buffed the same way we buff Culture buildings. [Have you checked for similar ideas?]: Searching for "Armory" and "Armories" in the search bar lead me to believe no one ever posted a similar idea. [Details]: Very simple. Allow our allies and neighbours to buff...
  13. Andrathaniel

    Distance from "home"

    I don't think there is. Maybe you could make a suggestion in the Ideas and suggestions forum. https://en.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?forums/ideas-and-suggestions.22/
  14. Andrathaniel

    New Game Features Allow faster workshop creation

    [Summary]: Allow to simplify the creation with multiple workshops. [Have you checked for similar ideas?]: Entering "workshop" in the search bar was inconclusive. [Details]: Everybody has multiple workshops. I personally have 9. Having all your workshops to work together is strenuous. I believe...