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Recent content by alsael

  1. alsael

    Next Chapter

    Elvenar v2.0 maybe?:D
  2. alsael

    Open Tourney bug?

    I believe this is a bug?I finish(cater) this tourney province,but it shows as "open".This happens not all the time but sometimes
  3. alsael


    If I see another "produce x amount of goods" quest,I will go on strike:)
  4. alsael

    Open server error

    Thanks for the reply.Yep,clearing cache did the job:cool:
  5. alsael

    Open server error

    Just getting this on pc version
  6. alsael

    What is the point of Squad Size upgrades these days ?

    You forget a parameter:the bigger your training squads,the longer it takes to train,so that is a plus for those players who don't log in every other hour to manage their city,so the military buildings do not remain idle for too long :)
  7. alsael

    Event buildings

    A lot of event buildings gives goods as a bonus production.Why not make them more flexible by giving us the option to decide which good we want the building to produce?
  8. alsael

    Phoenix buldings

    Thanks guys,nothing to do but waiting then....
  9. alsael

    Phoenix buldings

    no one knows? :(
  10. alsael

    Phoenix buldings

    Are the 3 old phoenix base buildings still craftable?Because I want to craft the storm one and I have been waiting for ever...(I checked my inventory,not there)
  11. alsael

    Fs stronghold

    This is an old idea of mine,which I post again for consideration.It is time for every fs to have it's own stronghold.A place where technologies can be further expanded,giving bonuses to all members.Alll members can contribute kps to research stronghold tech.There are so many things you can add...
  12. alsael

    Looking for fellowship

    I have sent you pm in game:)
  13. alsael

    Age of elves

    1 seat available!
  14. alsael

    Open Gruff Orc Warrior Missing

    Now there are more missing than just a couple of icons(you can reload game to fix this ,but still it is annoying)
  15. alsael

    optional squad size upgrades

    You can keep your optional SS for event quests-research a tech- :)