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Recent content by Almondum

  1. Interesting event buildings - spice it up!

    Hey folks, If I may add something, finzles: To further support Crazy's point, during this event, there was a reward (you can still get it through rerolls if lucky) called "Training Dojo". It produces Rangers(!), a mercenary archer with* excellent mobility and initiative that can aid players...
  2. recent returnee

    Easy, after the chapter 20, Elvenar 2 is announced :D
  3. Question Goblin Flower Building - question

    Even the Almighty Fire Phoenix? Kidding!
  4. thanking the mods

    Wonderful suggestion, I will certainly try next time. Now I am 2 weeks into the new place and have made new friends!
  5. Question Goblin Flower Building - question

    I see, thank you! Nothing has attracted me in this building, for now. I guess I will skip it then :D
  6. thanking the mods

    This is so interesting to read! My city was moved a few weeks ago as well and I came here to write about the same, but asking if there was an option to turn it off! Happy to see that some people appreciate it! Enjoy your new neighbourhood!
  7. Question Goblin Flower Building - question

    Hello folks, I hope you're all well and are having a wonderful week in Elvenar (outside as well xD). I have been trying to simulate how far I will manage to get into the new evolving building. In a good scenario, stage 8 (9 if very lucky) and in a normal scenario, stage 7. My question is if...
  8. Dryads question

    Thank you very much for very thorough explanations! I will bookmark this post to consult anytime I have questions :D Have fun! Almond
  9. Dryads question

    Thank you! Knowing that puts me at ease :D
  10. Dryads question

    Thank you Bubbles! What about the % of the boosted goods. Does it affect the difficulty? If yes, does the Mountain Halls % boost affect the difficulty as well? Thank you! Almond
  11. Dryads question

    Thank you very much @schadenfreude ! Very useful tips! I will definitely recruit some Dryads to use as bait next time, never thought about this! Have fun! Almond
  12. Dryads question

    Thank you so much Laurelin! So many wonderful tips and observations. May I ask when do you use your dryads? I mostly use my elven Archers to counter Mages and H.Melee. My dryads are 1 star for now. I need to learn more about the Elvenar AI, I only noticed the chase after the high initiative...
  13. Dryads question

    Thank you Space. I am glad I will have access to a unit with 4mov and 4 attack range. It's a real shame that we can't beat Mistwalker's initiative. Sometimes I want to scout a map and "pay" in archers for doing since the Mistwalkers kill them.
  14. Naturally Amazing

    7 days?! I am not looking forward to that D: I am sure that our esteemed Devs will see this and think of some alternative. What about a building upgrade as an alternative to scouting? Will it have the same problem of 7 days or it's more doable with the boosters at high chapters?
  15. Dryads question

    Hello folks, I was looking at the military units the other day to assess if I should be training something more. In the game world there is an awesome unit called Mistwalker, she looks like a Dryad and I thought when I will get access to Dryads and upgrade them, they would behave the same way...