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Recent content by 30158729

  1. Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    Have other people been seeing an increase in the amount of booster buildings and pet food they are getting from the MA this week? I have got around 4 of both which is significantly more than usual. Itd be good if it wasnt just a fluke.
  2. Question portals

    You can go ahead and place the portal. The quest will pop up later when you work through to it and itll be ticked. Alternatively you can work through the quests before, shouldnt take more than a couple days. You can check the elvengems guide for the quests of that chapter and see how far you are...
  3. Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    Thanks @Silmaril looking forward to it. For this weeks tournament they have changed the enemy troop types as they are much less random and mist walkers arent in 60% of fights. This is a positive change im glad to see.
  4. Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    @Silmaril and @Muf-Muf Is there any chance we could get some comments or a summary of how the tournament looked from the devs perspective? Would be interesting to see some stats.
  5. Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    It would be much less disruptive and overall better than these changes. As you are using 10 booster buildings i dont think you understand the difficulties people are having and just how bad it is now. Everything is easy to you right now. Refer to my post a bit further up, as far as i can tell...
  6. Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    @Gargon667 It was easy because people managed to get booster buildings. Was there anything wrong with the old difficulty if you were to remove the boosts? Surely that would be a better and simpler change than this disaster if you were intent on crippling peoples performances.
  7. Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    @Muf-Muf Have you made changes to the randomness since the tournament started? I came up against this. With a UUU and 2 ELR buildings my troops were decimated. This troop combination should never occur as its simply too difficult. With 135% health and 214% attack compared to the regular stats of...
  8. Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    So Beta just got the Moon Bear event. These are the stats at Dwarves level 10 I dont want to be a downer and the prizes from the chests look like an improvement on the last event at first glance but could this bear not have been helpful to help sort out the tournament situation? Should this...
  9. Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    @Silmaril The vast majority of feedback is very negative. Is there any hope at all that this will be changed significantly?
  10. Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    I acquired 2 ELR boosters so have put them down to see how it goes now. I have UUU+ 2 ELR as boosters. I lose at the 16th province in the first round. What am i meant to do against this? Catering costs are a ridiculous 18k+ goods so thats out of the question. Again, squad size is 825 so thats 15...
  11. Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    @Silmaril Stats/Observations/evidence This is me, I know how to do tournaments. Stats: I am going to make roughly 200 kp less this tournament than normal. In an active fellowship this means well over 1000 kp wont be traded between members. This means less interaction which is something this...
  12. Discussion Upcoming Tournament Changes

    These tournament changes are atrocious. Last week I was in the top 100 scores for Winyandor and now im stopped at the 12th province of the first round. My squad size is 825 and the fight for the 12th province is a squadsize of 1660 vs 2075 for the opposition. These losses are horrendous and...
  13. "The Elite Warriors" are recruiting.

    We currently have room for 4. We have hit 10 chests multiple times recently and perform well in the spire (500+). If you are interested send an application.
  14. Question How does the battle system work?

    I have a little time so lets do some thinking for this. I have 5 Mortars, so 71690 health. With the bonus the Mortar gets against these units the highest attack value of my opponents was 600. So 71690/600 = 119 but as there are only 2 Ancient Orcs this is way below the number the actual fight...
  15. Question How does the battle system work?

    Can someone please explain the calculations that determine the outcome of a battle? I had a fight today that made me realize I have no idea how it works. The fight was this one As you can see its 5 level 2 Mortars vs 6 light ranged/melee units that are mostly level one. Here are the stats...